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It takes a village…

They say, “It takes a village to raise a child with autism.” Welcome to YOUR Village!!! Being a parent is one of the most rewarding but toughest jobs. Children do not come with a manual and when you throw autism into the mix everything about parenting becomes much more intense. When you have a child with autism there is a rabbit hole of information to navigate through. By joining the Breaking Through Autism (BTA) community, I expand my village to you and together we navigate through this rabbit hole of a journey.

Within this community I share:

• Relatable Stories
• My therapeutic techniques that have been proven to be successful
• Step-by-step learning courses
• How to break down goals in order for your child to reach them
• How to make stimuli and show you how to use it with your child
• Advice and stories from other parents who are apart of this village


But… most importantly I provide support and self-care tips for YOU and your journey. Every journey looks different but when you have a support system to help guide, inspire, and encourage you along the way, you worry less about the destination because you are enjoying the journey forward.



Success is often defined by achievements that bring wealth and prosperity. At Breaking Through Autism I define success as YOUR journey to happiness. Every journey is different and successes can be milestones reached by your child, obstacles conquered, or goals that your family reaches as a whole. Just as every child with autism is different so are their families by having different beliefs, lifestyles, and parenting styles. I help parents define and redefine what success means to them, their child, and their family. When parents are confident in themselves AND their parenting, their children begin to reflect that confidence and happiness. My goal is to give YOU, the parent, all the tools that you need so that you can create successful moments with your child along YOUR journey. Meet some inspirational parents and their amazing children in our growing village…



Behind the Breakthroughs

Behind the Breakthroughs is a podcast to inspire and empower parents and professionals in hopes of creating a community where autism has no limits. Join Dr. Annette Nunez and co-host host Maylene Johnson, LPC as they share with you their inspirational stories and “Behind their Breakthroughs” that have led each client’s journey to success.

Hi!  I’m Annette


Parents often refer to me as the “Autism Whisperer”, because I can get a child with autism to learn just about anything.  I tell parents, “It is great that I can get your child to do A, B, and C, but if they are not doing it with you in their home environment then my work is pointless.”

During my 25 years of experience in working the field and helping hundreds of families I have seen and have learned a lot. Over the years I have come to the realization that autism is more than just working with one individual, it is about working with ALL family members, especially the primary caretaker. What professionals fail to tell parents is that YOU are your child’s own expert, not the “experts” themselves.  YOU have all the tools you need that will lead your child to success and I am just here to guide you.  My mission is to coach and empower you to become your child’s own expert.  Think of me as like an autism life coach.

It first begins with changing your mindset about autism.  Autism has no limits so never allow anyone tell you that your child can’t and won’t accomplish something.


Set the standards high for your child because your child CAN and WILL achieve any goal you set for them.


Trust your instinct because you know your child the best.  If a professional is telling you something that doesn’t feel right trust your instinct because your instinct will lead you to where your child needs to be.  You must put in the work!  Working with your child consistently for 10-minutes a day is better than not working with your child at all.  Think positively because there will be many days when the “struggle is real.”  When those struggles come it is important to reframe and find laughter in those situations because laughter is what will get you through those difficult times.   Most importantly, I am here to teach you about the importance of self-care and taking time for yourself because if you are not ok then your child is not ok.

Autism is a journey and every family’s journey is different so don’t compare.  My work is driven by YOU to help empower YOU to help your child find their path to break through autism.

Dr. Nunez

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